Worlds first PadelGlove! 

GET A GRIP with our revolutionary PadelGlove that will improve your grip throughout the whole match.

PadelGlove gives you a superior grip and at the same time dampens the vibrations from the racket which can counteract the overload of muscle and tendon in the forearm and elbow.
Use PadelGlove and stop worrying about losing your grip again.
….at least not over your racket.




Tres Metros Padelglove is a specialized glove designed for playing padel. Here are some reasons why players use a Padelglove:
Better Grip
A Padelglove provides a better grip on the racquet than bare hands, particularly when playing in humid or wet conditions. The glove’s palm is made of finest Cabretta leather that increases friction between the hand and the racquet handle, thereby improving grip and control over the racquet.
A Padelglove can provide greater comfort and prevent injuries. It can cushion the hand, especially when playing for extended periods, reducing the risk of developing blisters or calluses on the palm.
The glove provides protection to the hand against cuts, scrapes, and other injuries that can occur during play. The glove’s padding can also reduce the risk of impact-related injuries, such as tennis elbow.
A Padelglove can enhance a player’s overall appearance and style on the court, especially when paired with matching clothing or accessories.

•Superior Grip
•UV+50 Protection

Use the right size

A properly fitted PadelGlove is as important as using the right Padelracket. The PadelGlove should fit really tight. 
1. Tight fit

A properly fitting glove should sit like an extra skin, tight over the palm and fingers. 

2. Snug fingers

Everyone has different shapes on their hands. It is optimal if all fingers reach the top and can be stretched a little when you used your PadelGlove a few times.

3. Velcro

Velcro fastening should only be closed to about 75%, leaving about a quarter to be able to adjust during the game. 


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